Devil Inspired!

Hello hello! I hope you all had a fun and adventure filled weekend! Mine certainly was, and I spent most of it frolicking around in my new dress from Devil Inspired!

 Devil Inspired has an incredible range and selection of all different styles from Lolita, to Gothic, to Retro! I have always loved the Lolita style but have always been too shy to try it out. Although a very cutesy style it is very bold! To test the waters I chose a Lolita dress with a simple toile print, which gave it a more vintage inspiration! 

 With ruffles along the bust and hem it definitely gave me a girly feel ! Whenever trying out a new site I’m always weary of sizing but their size chart was spot on and is very true to size. The dress also came with bows which are removable to further the cutesy style. For a simple stroll through the park with my beau I opted out of the extra bows but one of the pluses to the dress is it’s ability to be dressed up or down. 

With a flowy puffy sleeved chiffon top underneath and the addition of the bows this dress can easily be transformed into the classic Lolita style as opposed to the minimalistic vintage inspired look I went for. The versatility for me is definitely a plus! 

The quality of this dress was also amazing! The silhouette had a full enough skirt that it could be worn with or without a petticoat, which especially around this time can be unbearable with the heat. 

I’m definitely excited about Devil Inspired and can’t wait to explore their vintage specific collection!
Until next time ♡♡♡



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