My New Favorite Artists

Hello hello! Sorry I’ve been so absent but I’m just back from vacation and slowly readjusting back to the groove of things! I hope everyone has been having amazing days, although I’ve been less active I’ve been seeing everyone just so positive and living their lives ! So let’s get into this.
I can’t believe I have enough content for yet another favorite artists blog! I’m forever in awe of the talent and gifts you all have and can’t believe you choose to share them with me, so a big thank you to all of you!

First up is Kat Hudson Art ! I’m so obsessed with her style of art and super flattered she chose to draw me in one of my favorite Fatale dresses! She’s been on a pinup kick lately and has been sketching other fabulous pinups as well! Be sure to check out her page for the rest of her work.

Designed by Shea took me by surprise and drew what is currently my default picture! She sketched me in this lovely vintagesque (I know it’s not a word but sounds good to me) type illustration of me in my Tatyana Captain Wiggle dress. I know going to lie seeing how her and other amazing artists view me is truly captivating as it’s not how I see myself! So be sure to see the rest of her magical illustrations on her page!


Miyanoyuii drew me in my Niagara dress that I wore for my flower wall shoot! I adore her cutesy style of art ! The rest of her page explores vastly different styles of illustration so be sure to check out all her amazingly unique pieces!

Last but definitely not least is the fabulous Nicole Graham Art! I had seen her art appear on my explore feed many with her amazing portraits of princesses, princes, and mermaids alike! What drew me was her amazing crossover collaborations! Crossovers I myself would have never thought of but came to life beautifully ! This portrait she made just for me features two characters really dear to me, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen of Maldonia ! The stained glass, the little froggy details and just details of their story in general really amazed me (I’m not going to lie I stared at it for a good hour). I’m so grateful for her taking the time out to make something so magical! And she also loves spreading the magic to everyone else, part of the uniqueness of her art is her willingness to incorporate you into the fairytale for your own personal illustration! Be sure to go over to her page and flood her page with some love!

Thank you once again to all of you amazing artists, you truly make my day with your talents!
Until next time ♡



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