Blue Velvet 

Hey dolls & gents! Hope you all have had a great weekend, I know I did as I spent most of it relaxing. I’m back today with another fabulous Desireé Marie Design piece! If you recall from previous posts I highlighted her range of vintage to mermaid to Marie Antoinette-esque type pieces. For this dress she merged two of my favorite things Princesses and a vintage silhouette.

The Cinderella dress has to be my new favorite piece from her. I’m a bit of a minimalist and she kept true to that still but with a classic silhouette and a high neckline. Made to my exact measurements, this dress fit like a dream. The best part of it all was that it was made from a super soft blue velvet, which I could not stop touching all day!This dress is also one of few that doesn’t require a petticoat (although I still wore one) the skirt was very full and flattering. The color a pale blue, which paired well with my vintage pillbox hat.

I lied earlier when I said the blue Velvet was the best part, it was one of many of my favorite aspects, the best had to be the ginormous princess bow on the back of the dress that tied it in all together. Desireé as always was the sweetest to work with and was easy to communicate and bounce of ideas with. If you haven’t already be sure to check out her site!


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